OV Brokerage

With a community of more than 50 operators around the world Ocean Voyager regularly offers pre owned boats for sale.


If you are looking to start a Day Charter project this solution will allow you to start quickly and test the concept with a second hand boat.

If you are operating an Ocean Voyager, selling your boat through OV brokerage can help you acquiring a bigger unit. It would also be the insurance to sell your boat at the right price when the day has come to retire.

You are an entrepreneur and you want to quickly start a business? OV brokerage is for you. With over 50 Ocean Voyager produced we know each unit on the fingertips. Depending on your project and your regulatory constraints we will guide you to choose the best Ocean Voyager.


There are many parameters and significant investments on a day charter business, rely on our expertise to be sure to make the right choice. Regulations, equipment for comfort and safety, operating and maintenance costs are all elements that we perfectly control. Our team is at your disposal to support you in your project.


Are you operating a boat and looking for more capacities? With a database of hundreds of actors of the day charter we will quickly find a buyer for your boat. Our knowledge of the market will allow us to give you the most accurate selling price. We can then start working on your bigger unit to make sure you get the best for your business.

If you want to sell your business and not only the boat, we can also assist you in this process.