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Operation: OCEAN VOYAGER assistance

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Our team has wide experience in the field of charter operation.

First as a builder, through observing, for the last ten years, the success of operators who have chosen an Ocean Voyager, with different destinations and each with their own characteristics:  Caribbean, Polynesia, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Red Sea, Mediterranean, Atlantic coast, etc.

Some of us also have immediate experience of day charter operation to destinations such as the Seychelles, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Polynesia, etc.

 This unique capacity enables us to provide all the assistance necessary to setting up a project:

  • Market studies
  • Financing
  • Technical implementation
  • Operation

It is not always easy to find financing.

Therefore, some people choose a cheaper and often unsuitable boat involving higher maintenance costs.   You should also take into consideration that the spectacular and top-of-the-range side to the Ocean Voyager also plays a role in the marketing of your business.

For countries in which it is possible, we offer to work with organizations offering long-term charter solutions:

  • Rent is paid every month by the operator
  • The financing organisation remains the owner of the boat till the end of the agreement (often 60 to 84 months).
  • At the end of the agreement, either the operator purchases the boat for a set value (of 10% to 20%), returns it, or prolongs the agreement.  In the case of the latter the monthly sum is lower. 

A security deposit is required (generally 10% of the cost of the boat) and a first rent (also 10% of the price).

This solution is subject to an operational study and the financing capacity supported by the last 2 balance sheets.

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