Ocean Voyager

Boats designed for professionals since 1997.

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OCEAN VOYAGER catamarans are aimed at day charter professionals, as much as those working independently, destination managers or incentive agencies.

OCEAN VOYAGERS are quality products easy to use and maintain, as well as manage and secure a return on. This contributes to the success of the range worldwide. These boats are recognized for the building and finish quality, as well as their reliability and their durability.

A range of real day charter catamarans.

The OCEAN VOYAGER boatyard's OCEAN VOYAGER range, with its 8 models, matches the specifications of charterers who can carry out high-yield operations with these comprehensive working tools. The capacity of these models is between20 and 140 passengers (according to the legislation in each country).

Their strengths :

  • The area and the great stability of the platforms dedicated to the customers
  • Their performance at sea
  • The reduction of operational and maintenance costs
  • Quality accommodations guaranteeing their longevity and resale
  • Open access to the motors

Ocean Voyager offers a long-term charter financing plan for the continuation of your business.

OCEAN VOYAGER offers a long-term charter financing plan for the continuation of your business.

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